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Easily Calculate the Tip and Split the Bill in Less Than 30 Seconds!

The Tip ‘n Split® is the perfect gift for restaurant lovers. Don’t let small print and dimly-lit restaurants stop you from enjoying time with friends and family.

Order now and see why thousands of people across the country are raving about the Tip ‘n Split®.

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  • Crystal Clear Magnifier: Leave the reading glasses at home. The 5x magnifier makes it easy to see even the finest print.

  • Discreet Backlight: Illuminate the menu or bill without distracting the restaurant with your phone’s flashlight.

  • Tip Calculator: Enter 15%, 18%, 20%, or any amount you like. The tip gets automatically added to the total amount.

  • Bill Splitter: Enter how many people are in your party, and find out exactly what each person should pay

A percentage of each sale will be donated to either the American Macular Degeneration Foundation or The Glaucoma Foundation.

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