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Why I Created This Course

By cinukai

As a retired writing instructor, I have always felt a call to share my story. I am of the opinion that we each have a story, and every chronicle is worth being shared, particularly with those that we love most. Along my journey, I have collected memories and tales that I wanted my family to hear. Being a mother and grandmother, I have watched the children that I love learn and grow, and I always knew that I wanted to be a part of that in any way that I could. Though I cannot be there for every moment with helpful advice or a relatable tale, I wanted a way to be able to grant my children and grandchildren easy access to my journey in the event that it might help or entertain. This is how Write Your Selfie was born.

Identifying Your Story

When you sign up for my class, you will learn how to find and tell your own story. We all have memorable moments in life, some more exciting than others, and it is my hope that you will find the right parts of yours to share. Each of us has a tale to tell and life lessons to offer. You can take the time to reflect on your own journey and pass on a narrative that your family can enjoy and learn from. Find your story so that you can pass on old laughs and helpful life lessons. It is a way to bridge gaps across generations, even after you are gone.

Presenting Your Memories

The way that you present your story can be as powerful as the story itself. You will rely on words, images, and even drawings to share your life in a way that is easy to follow. There are so many systems that make this simple and give you the power to really make your digital scrapbook your own. Templates, colors, and patterns can be used to help present your story in an engaging way. Adding the right photos, portraits, or even old letters can bring your story to life.

Finding The Right Details

The real power of any good story is in the details. It is in the timestamps and the way that one event flows into the next. Most of us have fairly normal lives with a few exceptional events. You must find the details in the regular moments as well as the exciting ones and bring them together to portray your life in its entirety. With the right details, you can show your loved ones how an everyday person can overcome a shocking circumstance. You can relay details from the family legacy that influenced you and your ideals. Show your children where your habits come from and what family stories defined you.


The Write Your Selfie course is not simply a tool for parents and grandparents. It is a tool for anyone who is looking to create an easy to read version of their life. Interesting facts, funny anecdotes, and helpful life lessons all have a place here. Writing your story is an excellent way to pass on your memories and experience to future generations. I look forward to helping you share yourself with your family.


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